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Trelawear (Trela is Alert spelled backwards) began as a passion project aimed at solving an issue that hit close to home when my mom refused to wear any of the unattractive generic PERS devices and said, "Mara you've been in the jewelry business over 25 years, can't you make me something beautiful to wear in case of an emergency?" As a senior fashion and jewelry executive, I knew I had the expertise, resources and drive to fulfill my mom’s request.

Sally, Mara’s Mom

Mara, our Founder

The Trelawear team has spent the past 4 years developing a product and solution we're proud to share with family, friends and peers who were equally frustrated that there were no attractive options to protect their loved ones. To honor my family members that inspired Trelawear, the cushion shaped pendant is named Sally, after my mom, and the round-shaped pendant Bella, after my favorite aunt. 

Through our partnerships with leading Bluetooth tech developers and FallCall® Solutions we now have a mobile personal emergency response system that caters to the active lifestyle of women of all ages, enabling them to be independent, look beautiful and stay safe!

Shea C. Gregg, MD FACS: Founder & President

Practicing Trauma Surgeon-Bridgeport Hospital (Part of Yale New-Haven Health Systems)

Our Mission is Simple

The mission of FallCall Solutions, LLC is to become the premier innovator in simplified communication solutions for the geriatric population and their caregivers. Through these solutions, we aim to maximize elder independence and caregiver peace of mind. By creating them on mobile platforms already widely adopted, our focus is on building software based solely on the needs of the consumer rather than the trying to create and introduce new ecosystems into our customers’ lives. To learn more about our platform and subscription monitoring service plans please visit us at